Meet Me At Go!, an 8-bit Remix to Reimagine the Music Video Experience

Microsoft worked with electro-pop artist M83 to reimagine a song from his latest album, ‘Junk’. The result of the collaboration is an 8-bit remix of “Go!”, inspired by front man Anthony Gonzalez’s love of retro video games. In order to explore new frontiers in interactive art and music, Microsoft engaged up-and-coming developer Connor Bell and friends to build a web experience inspired by the remixed track. The track is also available to fans on the “Go!” Remixes EP (February 2, 2017 // Mute). 

The resulting interactive experience, titled ‘Meet Me At Go!’, takes music fans on an unexpected journey through the song as they race through a retro-futuristic cityscape, dodging obstacles and collecting objects in pursuit of their love. The experience draws inspiration from the 8-bit world and the aesthetic of classic arcade games, as well as pulling in themes of longing, searching, and racing from the song itself. ‘Meet Me At Go!’ has been optimized for touchscreen based computers like Microsoft’s Surface Book, and for Microsoft Edge, where users can access bonus content. ‘Meet Me At Go!’ is now available across all desktop browsers and the Windows Store for fans to enjoy. 

Download the game on Windows here.

Go behind the scenes of Meet Me At Go!